REEssenz Basic - mental/kinesiological testing

Perceive yourself and know your strengths & talents. Know what belongs to you and what is good for you. Find answers to the big & small questions of life. Get back to your physical & mental health and know what you need to be vital and full of energy. Taking back responsibility and making decisions without spiraling thoughts. This is what our family online training "REEssenz Basic - mental/kinesiological testing" is all about.

Everything you can rediscover in this training is already inside you and is just waiting to be seen and felt by you. You will get to know yourself and the signals and clues you constantly get from your body and will learn to interpret them. Be it what nourishment your body needs, what decisions will move you forward or if what you read, hear or see is true and real. You can test kinesiologically for yourself, for family & friends intolerances, natural remedies, food supplements, medications, cosmetics and much more. You know what you or someone else is missing, what and when something is needed to be fit and vital again. You no longer need anyone to tell you what is good for you, you are independent, self-reliant and can take on this responsibility. You get a powerful transformation catapult with almost unlimited possibilities in your hand and will learn to use it purposefully for yourself and others.

What to expect:

  • What is gut feeling?
  • Intuition can you eat it?
  • What advantages do I have when I am in the gut feeling and are there disadvantages?
  • Why have we forgotten to be in intuition?
  • What type are you: Head / Heart / Gut & what do you make your choices with?
  • How does the gut thing work?
  • How do I make my choice?
  • Looking for beliefs.
  • The right attitude & focus.
  • What am I doing with my thinking self?
  • How do I recognize that I am in my gut? Getting to know your own body language.
  • Mental exercises to get into gut feeling.
  • Kinesiology testing of: Food allergies, natural remedies, medicines, food supplements, cosmetics.
  • Kinesiological testing for family, children, friends & acquaintances
  • Alignment
  • Mental-medial testing

Our reality depends strongly on what we think, what we feel, what we believe and what we can perceive through our senses. One focus of this training will therefore be your alignment. Your alignment is of extreme importance as your inner compass and together with us you will learn to know and adjust it so that you can feel your answers and trust yourself.

Let's get started...


  • 5 people
  • Duration approx. 8 hours
  • 4 dates a 2 hours
  • Price per person in group: 1000€
  • Price 1 to 1: 3000€

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Learning to test energetically has opened up a whole new world for me. I find it so valuable to finally find the answers within myself and not on the outside. The great thing is also that it works when I am confused and unsure. That’s when it’s great for finding clarity.


I´ve always been a very powerful creator, also with much success on different levels on the outside.

But through the work with Henrik and Sonia, so many of the really true aspects of my being have come out of obscurity and obscurity into visibility and truthfulness.

I have been able to remember who I really am in truth much more quickly through the work we have done together. A wonderful, divine soul who is here in this world to embody and live her divinity.

I have never felt so true, powerful and at the same time gentle, and 100% empowered to fully express my wonderful divinity in this life.

The company of Henrik and Sonia were invaluable in this journey of recollection,
I am so grateful to them for the wonderful work they have allowed me to come in contact with in this life.

REDAXO 5 rocks!