Spinal straightening

What is spinal straightening?

My spinal straightening is an excellent method to free yourself & your back from old and new burdens. We carry a lot around with us, responsibilities, experiences, trauma and so much more. Such things eventually show up in our body and our spine is the mirror of our inner truth. If we live a lie or accept an untruth as truth, it affects us and our body. It shows up in misalignments of the vertebrae and it weakens our entire system.

What happens during a spinal straightening?

I look at what is keeping you and your system from living your life upright and healthy. Which causes you have set yourself, which are caused by your behavior and what you have taken over and does not belong to you. All causes related to your back will be solved. Afterwards it is about the consequences. What have the causes caused in your soul / mind & body. In this step, all consequences in the different areas are solved, balanced and brought into self-healing according to their order. Finally, we look in the here & now what changes are necessary to keep this healthy, upright state.
Usually there are 3 sessions. For people with a herniated disc, 1-2 sessions are added.

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I have had disc and back problems for a long time and have been to many, many doctors, healers, naturopaths, etc..
None of them could really help me.
Through the work with Henrik and Sonia and the spinal upliftment I came to levels of which I did not even really know that they exist and could look at the whole complex from a holistic perspective and bring piece by piece in the healing.
I consider my back problems completely healed today, and Henrik and Sonia have supported me a really good bit in feeling and saying that.
I am so grateful for their support and work in this regard and can only recommend them to others.

REDAXO 5 rocks!