the Courage Counseling Center

My motto in life is, "Just start!" Just start with yourself or with your home. At your work or your hobby - just start.

You can't think courage, you can only feel it.

I'm just under 50 years old and have been doing the courage counseling service basically forever. I am clairvoyant and clairsentient, have started over many times myself, am a family man of 3 free-learning children, and I accompanied our youngest daughter's solo birth on our open-ended world journey. I am a committed gut person and have been working with people as a gut coach for years. I help identify and release blockages, fears, traumas and their patterns as a health consultant, root cause & consciousness researcher. I am a wish granter, musician, web & graphic designer, car mechanic, skateboarder, house builder.

I don't want to tell you my complete life story here, but I want to show you: "Courage" I can do. I know "courage." My "courage" makes my life happier and happier. And you can do the same. I accompany you so that you can feel your courage.

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