Mental-energetic company check

You stand completely behind your company and are completely convinced of your idea, your offer or product? You give your best, have tried every strategy and every marketing trick and still you know that it could run better or it doesn't run at all?

If you are at this point, the causes may lie elsewhere.

Matter follows energy. Everything we create and generate has a direct effect on the environment. Logo, flyer, offer, etc. can feel good and encourage to engage more with the brand or its offer. Or the exact opposite. It is similar with places; they have the same effect on people and thus influence their behavior. Unconscious beliefs also like to interfere with the realization of projects and therefore we check everything around the "felt" and mental level that could stand in the way of success.

We analyze and advise on:

Design of logo, flyer & business documents contracts & offers
Office space, production facilities, business premises, etc.
work & production processes
Team and employees

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