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Haven’t you experienced something like that, that you were exhausted after visiting an old temple or a museum, a church, a historical site or even a park, beach or forest? These feelings of exhaustion and powerlessness are clear indications from our body that something is very wrong….

Since summer 2018, we have been traveling the world with our children. Already back then in Berlin we noticed that especially the beautiful and special places are strongly loaded with various energies. Since we are aware of their pathological effect, we free everywhere on our way burdened places, places and much more from pathogenic energies.
Just like that? No, because we can.

In our Earth and Place Healing Blog we introduce you to special places we visit and tell you what we found and did there energetically. For us, for you & for the world.

Mayan cult - ritual site Tulum, Quintana Roo, Mexico

Trigger warning – not for the faint-hearted!

We have risen at incredible 40 degrees to visit the famous Mayan ruins in Tulum. Many times we have given us the phenomenal view from the nearby beach (Playa Santa Fe), but our feeling had also said each time unmistakably that there is a lot to do there. It took a total of 5 months to get it right.
The site is beautifully elevated on the coast and you have a wonderful view of the ocean. As with the other Mayan sites, this site was also built for rituals. Here it was mainly about children and the extraction of adrenochrome. In the building in front of Sonia, the children were tortured to death in order to extract adrenochrome from their blood. Grief, anger, despair and many more elementals hung in this place. The sheer number of 367 children’s souls stuck there was frightening. Sonia freed them and we cleansed the place of all elementals. Sonia also ended a curse that the Mayans placed on the entire complex last. This curse had to do with infertility and there was another spell that supported the curse in its effect.

As is often the case when we clean such places, some of the people involved from that time were on site. Of course, these people knew nothing about the fact that they were there in a previous incarnation and played a role themselves. Often these former participants work at these places and give guided tours or are supervisors. Their connection to this place is so strong until today that they basically can’t help but be there.

Mayan cult - ritual site Muyil, Quintana Roo, Mexico

There are many who believe in the powerful knowledge & practices of the Mayans. We want to tell you what we were allowed to see through our mediumship. Sonia is a seer, she can see, feel & hear information & images from the “past”. The Mayakult was often very brutal. Here we tell you a small fraction of what we could see & experience a few days ago. It may be different than what you know or have heard about the Mayans. Trigger warning…
When we arrived we felt a strong pressure on our chest and a very oppressive feeling. Sonia heard screaming and we sensed elementals of fear, sadness, anger and despair clinging to the place. No wonder, considering all that happened here. This site was mainly used for rituals. Here parents had to hand over their children to the priests so that they could sacrifice them. As if that wasn’t enough, the adults had to watch their children die and were then ritually sexually abused. All this happened in front of hundreds of spectators who had to watch.
Some children’s souls were still trapped in the buildings and underground. We energetically released the trapped children’s souls, cleansed the place from the elementals and set up light pillars. Above all, the place and the people involved (not the Mayans), sought or asked for forgiveness. We thereby created and helped the possibility for the people involved to resolve this highly traumatic experience and heal the wounds it caused.

Vinhomes Playground - Ho-Chi-Minh, Vietnam

We are in Vietnam, more precisely in Ho Chi Minh City. On this playground, unfortunately, we immediately felt strong signs in the form of body signals that there was something for us to do here. Unfortunately, it happens so often that playgrounds are occupied by really strong energies. Children can change the world, so our secret bearers are besieged and blocked right from the start… inconceivable but unfortunately reality. Our children are protected from these energies but we decided to come again the next day.
We found 2 energies, which expressed themselves in different warning signals. The 1st signal or hint was a pressure on the upper left rib towards the heart. Here the aorta was blocked and the aortic, pulmonary & mitral valves could not close properly energetically. The 2nd signal was a kind of dizziness that manifested itself in damage to the facial nerve and blockage of the cerebellum. We set up 6 columns of light that made these two energies go by themselves. The blockages in the heart and the cerebellum were neutralized and the damage to the facial nerve was transformed. In addition, the light pillars provide the children and adults in the mental area for more grounding & for better healing in the physical body.
Feel nevertheless times with next playground attendance into yourselves or possibly you already experienced something like that.

Trance Dance, Bali - Ubud

Truth comes from perception. Knowledge is an approach to the perception of reality. Perception is alive – knowledge is dead.

We were at the Kecak / Trance Dance at Purah Puseh Temple in Ubud. The whole thing is a combination of the Sanghyang ritual & a performance of parts of the Hindu Ramayana epic. In the Sanghyang ritual, which among other things has the task of entrusting the respective village to the protection of the “gods”, a person is put into a trance by the singing of a rhythmic male choir to convey the wishes to the people of the gods or the ancestors. The Ramayana epic is the story of Prince Rama, whose story is portrayed through various characters during the dance. During the ritual, we felt some energies that we know very well from our work & we have found again in other ceremonies in Bali. In one of our previous posts we already reported about Ragna the Child Eating Witch. In the spiritual world it is the same energy that is behind the demon king Langka from the Ramayana epic. This energy is directly related to the theme of primal fear that we have all encountered as children. If you feel a strong heart palpitations with intense pressure in the heart region (without that you have physically strained), then you notice the influence of this energy & its presence. This pressure & the heart palpitations are warning signals from our soul. When I feel them, the first thing I do is thank my soul for the hint & then I immediately cleanse myself & my energy field of this energy. Our soul gives us many physical clues to such strongly negative energies, we just have to recognize them & learn what it wants to tell us. Henrik &I have been dealing with the warning signals of the body for about 1 year & are very impressed about how much we get transmitted from the soul. Sudden dizziness, pressure on the chest or thymus gland, pressure on the ears etc. are all warning signals. Take care & the truth is in your perception. Let the sun in ☀

Tree House, Diamond Beach - Nusa Penida

Trust floods places. There is no doubt anymore – Unknown

We took a trip with our wild and wonderful friends to Nusa Penida, a former prison island southeast of Bali. Wild and amazing nature, the sea and picturesque landscapes. Our highlight was Rumah Poho Molenteng, a viewpoint overlooking Diamond Beach – Instagram says hello. The vibe is class and Sonia quickly realized that this is a natural power spot. It couldn’t work because there was an open portal to the 2nd level at Diamond Beach. After Sonia closed the portal, we were able to neutralize all the elementals that were here due to the history of the island. Since then, the islands feel much lighter and more relaxed for all of us than before. The place of power now has a positive effect on the pineal gland, motivating it to grow to its original size. Likewise, it influences the frontal lobe, which controls impulse control, personality and social behavior, and also affects the cerebellum, promoting fine motor skills.

Brücke über den Pont de Campuhan - Bali, Ubud

We want to change, build new bridges, leave old paths to go new ways. Sonia & Henrik

There is a bridge in Ubud that leads over the Pont de Campuhan. From one side you can also reach the Campuhan Ridge Walk, which we had already cleaned in one of our last actions. We pass here often & each time Sonia noticed that something was wrong on the bridge. She always had a cold shiver running down her spine. We found poltergeists, elementals & an imbalance in elementals trying to do their work at the bridge. There are earth, air, water & fire beings who care about the respective element & are helpful & want to have a positive effect. But if an imbalance occurs between them, problems arise in this area. For example, if there are too many water beings, flooding or raw fractures may occur, etc. In the area of the bridge, there were too many water beings. We provided for the balance between the elemental beings, so that they can fulfill their tasks better & noticeably more useful for all. We also cleaned the bridge from the elementals & the poltergeists & built 3 power places afterwards. We are big Bali & Ubud fans and are happy to be able to give back a part to this place & the residents & visitors can fully enjoy this place without negative burden of foreign energies.

Blue Bear - Skatepark - Bali, Ubud

Don’t tell people your dreams – show them

We did not take the children’s skateboards with us on our trip around the world. To our surprise – Ubud serves this passion as well. It turned out that Henrik’s enthusiasm for skateboarding, from his younger days, has also established itself in Bali. In Ubud there is a small but very fine skatepark with mini-pool, funbox, handrail and a few quaterpipes (don’t ask me for the terms, they come from my husband). Even if the weather is bad, you won’t be standing in the rain and can skate on a couple of ramps in a hall next door. Additionally there is a trampoline, music lessons, food and a playroom for the very little ones. A really convincing project with a lot of attention to detail.
For the sake of the kids, we take a few days off each week and work non-energetically and shut down the appropriate senses to be fully with ourselves and the kids. This was one of those days and we just wanted to go skating. However, as our son kept falling down, I did feel into the place and noticed astral beings, some reptos and elementals. Elementals are emotion energies or thought waste such as anger, sadness, pain, etc. that can affect and attach to people. They are often misinterpreted as own emotions, but the affected person has nothing to do with them and runs the risk of living them.
This is no longer the case with us. We do notice these energies, but they can no longer “spill over” onto us. In the meantime we have a permanent protection, because we have protected ourselves from them very often in the past and we are aware of these energies. In addition, we always test out whether it is good for us to visit a certain place or not.
We cleaned the skate place and set up 2 power places so that no new negative elementals and energies can stay here. After that, nothing stood in the way of pleasure and my young-at-heart husband still has a lot of fun skating and lives out his inner child to the hilt!

Goa Gajah - Elefant Cage, Bali

Most Balinese manage to make you laugh a little louder, smile a little happier and your life is so much more cheerful.

We had a visit from friends from Berlin last week and wanted to visit the so-called elephant cave near Ubud together. Since one of our guests was not sufficiently protected, we postponed the whole thing and now went with another wild & wonderful ;) Friend and her daughter there. The two we have already met with her husband in Thailand and are happy that we are now all together in Bali and meet regularly.
During our visit to the Goja Gajah temple, we found only 2 negative energy forms that were represented several times and elementals. We cleaned the place and put additional 4 power places so that these energy forms and elementals cannot manifest again. We were totally
positively surprised that there were no astral beings here, as well as there are no earth & place bound souls on the whole island. The reason for this are the ceremonies and rituals that the Balinese perform daily with their intention, devotion and attention. Out of consideration for the people and their devotion to their faith, we will refrain from going into more detail about these two forms of energy. Anyone who would like to know in more detail what we found here is welcome to write to us via direct message.
Bali makes you smile and you can feel the positive vibe that exists and is lived here every day – Terima kasih.

Campuhan Ridge Walk - Bali, Ubud

Do not seek beauty, for it is deceptive. Do not seek wealth, for it is fleeting. Find the one who makes your heart smile. – Unknown

Bali’s beauty is truly remarkable, we had a visit from friends and took this as an opportunity to show them some of this beauty. That’s when the Campuhan Ridge Walk came in handy, touted as one of the island’s most famous and arguably most beautiful hiking trails. Starting in the heart of Ubud, this walk includes temples, hills, white water, rice terraces and wild vegetation.
Right at the beginning, Sonia and I sensed astral beings. The people we encountered looked accomplished and couples passed us at a wide distance from each other. A vibration was evident that was created by Black Angels via an access from another plane that shifted the 3rd, 6th & 7th aura layers. The astral beings blocked the pineal gland in the physical body, 3 earth & 4 heaven chakras in the spiritual body and damaged the 7th aura layer in the spiritual body. We also noticed 3 wonderful dinoids flying above our heads. When we started to clean the place, they helped us and balanced the vibration of the Black Angels through our channel. We were very pleasantly surprised as we had not consciously experienced anything like this before. After we took care of the astral beings and completely cleansed the place, everyone immediately noticed a change. It felt lighter and the mood brightened. The children enjoyed the walk, picking flowers, running and romping to their hearts’ content. On the way back, we ran into one of the typically heavy rain showers and the kids took this as an opportunity to splash in the mud – everyone had a blast. We will all remember this day with joy and it showed us once again that it is worth looking or feeling behind the obvious facade, especially in the particularly beautiful places.

Agung Volcano & Pasar Agung Temple, Rice Terraces - Bali

April 2, 2019

Intelligence that is fully awakened is intuition, and intuition is the only true guidance in life. – Krishnamurti

When we woke up on Friday, Sonia said, “Let’s go to the volcano, today is a good day for it.” No sooner said than done, after breakfast we got on our scooters and headed out. Expecting nothing, we went over remote roads, past rice fields, small villages and rivers, smiling and waving Balinese people beyond the tourist paths. The 2 hour drive flew by, the kids and we cheered, overwhelmed by the colorful beauty of the island and people. As it serpentined up the volcano and we passed the last village, we passed a small hut with some people. Unsuspectingly we were asked if we wanted to go to the temple – a temple? Sure, why not! A man named Wayan equipped us with the appropriate clothes and accompanied us up there. The view was magnificent and only a few astral creatures made themselves known on the stairs up. Arriving at the top of the Pasar Agung temple at 1500 meters above sea level, we became very calm and enjoyed the mood and atmosphere of this extraordinary place. There were simply no energies influencing us, no elementals, nothing, just pure being – wonderful. After we had visited the place extensively, we descended the 365 steps together with Wayan. We had already sensed the astral beings during our ascent and when we saw Wayan walking down the stairs in serpentine lines, a thought came to us. I asked him if there was a particular reason for this. He grinned and just said that it would be better to walk down that way. We sensed purely and he was right, he simply intuitively avoided the astral beings on the way down. I had noticed the same thing several times with Sonia and the background was the same. Pay attention to it, our intuition gives us constantly hints and it is worthwhile to follow it and to look where or around what it leads us. :-) Before we said goodbye Wayan gave us a tip for a beautiful restaurant with a view of the volcano. No need to mention the food, but the view and the atmosphere were unique.

Here we found 3 power places, Sonia saw that they are generated by 3 underground pyramids. These power places have a great healing effect on the physical body and neutralize negative energies in the following areas (attention technical jargon!): In the spinal cord of the nervous system and in the Nn. Intercostales (intercostal nerve); in the artery iliaca communis of the cardiovascular system; in the respiratory tract of the bronchioles, in the segmental bronchus and in the main bronchus and in the reproductive system of the vas deferens of the man and in the uterus of the woman. In the spiritual body also still the 3rd aura level was positively balanced. Only a weak frequency from a radio mast affecting the 7th aura layer we cleaned.
We listened to our intuition and the reward was one of the most beautiful days on this island – thank you!
If you also want to enjoy this phenomenal view and let the power places work on you, then look for the Mahagiri Panoramic Resort & Restaurant!

Kanto Lampo waterfall - Bali

Most people are so absorbed in the outside world that they are completely blind to what is going on inside themselves. – Nikola Tesla

We have arrived in Bali and are enjoying the island with its very own energies. Here people are smiling and above average people make a relaxed and happy impression. Last week we felt like a family trip. Without further ado we decided to visit the Kanto Lampo waterfall which is relatively close by. After choosing this waterfall, we already realized that this would not be just a family trip….
When we arrived at the parking lot, we felt a strong pressure and the feeling intensified the closer we got to the waterfall. The people coming towards us from the waterfall looked mostly exhausted and tense. When we arrived at the foot of the waterfall, it looked very gloomy. Sonia saw that the area was full of astral dirt in the form of black slime, as well as reptos and 6 black angels coming out of an open portal. The strongest negative energy was a frequency that caused strong disturbances in the physical and mental body. It affected the pineal gland to the extent that it contracted and could not transmit information, it clogged the superior vena cava of the heart, blocked the colonic transversum in the large intestine and wrapped itself around the 12 finger intestine. We then immediately cleared the area of the said frequency so that all these points can go into healing. This will greatly benefit the staff who work there and, of course, all visitors. We cleaned the place from the foreign energies and closed the portal. After we were done with that, we wanted to take some pictures for our blog. This was not so easy, because this waterfall is a beautiful scenery and all visitors were very anxious to take the perfect photo. To describe the scene: Belly in, butt out and the men instructed the women loudly, which pose they had to take next – screech!!! Naturalness is somehow different… A very bizarre picture, the mood was irritated and you had the feeling that the photo for Instagram, Facebook and the associated Likes are more important than really experiencing the place – the ego just. We still managed to take our photo and even had fun doing it! Now you can visit this waterfall and especially enjoy this beautiful place. We really hope that the behavior of the people there will change now too, so that you can enjoy the nature of this place. An ahoy to the cure.

KLCC Playground - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

March 19, 2019

Play is the children’s way to knowledge of the world in which they live! – Maxim Gorky

Very close to our accommodation in the center of Kuala Lumpur are the famous Petronas Towers. Directly behind them is the huge KLCC city park, with a water & children’s playground. Reason enough to pay it a visit. After cooling off in the pool, our kids wanted to take a closer look at the large playground. The first thing we noticed were the many security guards, who were very unfriendly in enforcing the rules here. Fun is somehow different. After a short time the place announced itself and the energies showed up. There was also a lot going on in this playground. There existed an access to another plane, we found an active Hartmann grid, earth & place bound souls, reptos, elementals and a harmful frequency that closed the brow & crown chakra. We cleared the entire area of all extraneous energies, closed the access to the other plane, healed the earth chakras of the place and cleared the frequency. Now that the chakras here can freely receive, transmute and transmit again, the children & adults have access to their knowledge, wisdom, insight & intuition, as well as trust, consciousness and imagination again. All topics that are related to the 6th chakra (forehead chakra) and which are so important especially when playing. The 7th chakra (crown chakra) can now again provide the connection to the divine, the upliftment, perfection and peace, which leads to a more harmonious interaction with each other and provides a wonderful basis for playing together. We are very happy about this and wish all children & adults a lot of play & fun on the KLCC Playground.

Batu Caves - Batu, Malaysia

March 12, 2019

One sees well only with the heart, the essential is invisible to the eyes. – The little prince

Last week we took a trip to the Batu Caves. Located 15 kilometers north of Kuala Lumpur’s Centrum, the impressive limestone caves are home to several Hindu temples. 272 stairs lead to the forecourt of the main cave and we had a lot of fun with the Javanese monkeys that live there and like to mop up a few things.
On the way up, we noticed that there was a lot going on: astral beings, earth & place bound souls and some more. When we reached the top and entered the cave, the situation changed completely. To our surprise, we found that there were only positive elementals in this cave – no other foreign energy. Curious, Sonia looked for the reason and quickly located the source. Some may think that it is because of the Hindu temples and or the ceremonies that are held there, but that is not the case. The reason is an energy exit point that emits life energy (chi, zero point energy, etc.) directly from the earth’s interior. The point can be found when entering the cave on the right side, inconspicuously behind a souvenir store. A rock that seems to grow out of the ground. Thanks to this energy exit point, this cave is completely free of any harmful foreign energies. When you touch the rock you feel the peace and power that flows there and just having the place in your consciousness helps to arm yourself against foreign energies and to cleanse yourself. When we left the cave and went down, we then cleared the stairs and cleared them of astral beings and earth & place bound souls.
The energy exit points are distributed in a scheme all over the planet and have always been, destination of people to come to themselves. Unfortunately, many of these places were instrumentalized and pyramids, churches, temples, etc. were built on them to use this power. But there are also places where this is not the case, which are free of such buildings. A well-known example is the Uluru in Australia, which is for the Aborigines part of their Dreamtime myth, which speaks of the universal, space- & timeless world.

Botanischer Garten - Kuala Lumpur

March 5, 2019

Don’t just teach your kids to read. Also teach them to question what they read. Teach them to question everything.
- George Carlin

Our way led us to Malaysia, because we want to apply for our long Indonesia visa in Kuala Lumpur. This city surprises with its cleanliness and the many parks spread all over the city. We went to the embassy and after some back and forth and 2 hours waiting time we went to the Botanical Garden to stretch our legs. The kids were in the mood to play, so we went to the playground. When we reached the “Fantasy Planet” playground, we had such a strong pressure on our chest that we told our kids to wait outside! When we entered it got even worse, the energies came in waves and these goose bumps were not a good thing at all.
The strongest energy we found was an old acquaintance. We do not know what this energy is called in the spiritual world. But every divine being has to do with it – already from childhood. It creates deep fears, destroys the basic trust and the worst: it takes the divine spark! All this on a playground for children? One must say, unfortunately, that there is a principle behind it! It is about depriving the children of their spiritual and medial abilities at an early stage, so that the people continue to grope in the dark and do not recognize what is happening around them. What shocked us additionally very much, was the fact that straight times 2 hours on this playground were sufficient, in order to lose the spark completely! Our two children, had told us at the time of the 1st conscious encounter with this energy and warned us about this force. Furthermore, we found repto-energies, four poltergeists, elementals (emotion energies) and Sonia saw with her 3rd eye under the playground an access to another level (no dimension) with an active Hartmann grid above it.
We immediately went to work and cleared the place of this special energy, but first had to remove an energetic protection and a barrier (something didn’t want you to go there). We closed the access to the other level and after we completely cleared the place, Sonia built a power place. From now on, the children can really play here and happily go back home.

Let’s play!

Radio tower - Chaloklum, Koh Phangan

February 26 2019

Forgetting is grace & danger at the same time. -Theodor Heuss.

Chaloklum is an old fishing village in the north of Koh Phangan. We have been here several times in the last few months and each time the radio mast that stands in the middle of the center caught our eye. Radio masts, if they have not been dejammed, always have a negative effect on their surroundings, but here was more. When we felt inside, we felt that there was a curse on the mast that blocked the sacral, solar plexus and heart chakra. There was also an Artificial Intelligence energy attached to the pole that was creating a strong disturbance in the alpha & theta wave frequency range. This disturbance affected the nervous system in particular the brain and the cranial nerve (facial nerve). Alpha waves are the gateway to the unconscious, occur during daydreaming and visualization, and serve as a bridge between subconscious and waking consciousness. Theta waves alone are unconscious and only become consciously perceptible to us through alpha waves and occur during peak experiences, mediation and creative states. In addition, the radio mast is located on a fault line that uncontrollably aggravated the effect of the radiation. The transmission area of the mast extends approximately from Mae Haad Beach to Coral Bay and goes through the mountain formation a few hundred meters inland. We de-jammed the fault, disconnected the curse from the radio mast, disconnected the AI and reprogrammed and de-jammed the affected frequency ranges throughout the transmission area.

Zen Beach - Koh Phangan, Thailand

February 19 2019

He who seeks the truth must not be frightened when he finds it – Buddhist Wisdom.

Up front – I am not spiritual, I work spiritually-energetically!

Zen Beach is a beautiful beach in the west of Koh Phangan. In the surrounding area there are many vegan restaurants, yoga and tantra schools and towards evening the drums and didgeridoos are brought out and people dance into the evening. As the name suggests, many open people come and meet here who want to go their own way. Unfortunately, we immediately felt that something was wrong here and the place was heavily polluted. The scene seemed like a kind of spirituality competition, where it is about who is more spiritual than the other.

It happens quite often that supposedly spiritual places are occupied by negative energies, so that the people who come there are prevented from coming into their power. One energy on site even had the task to close the third eye of the people. Henrik & I also found astral beings, elementals, 26 earth & place bound souls, 8 poltergeists, curses, artificial and cosmic rays. There was quite a lot going on and we had to do a lot to free the place from all that makes our physical, spiritual & mental body sick.

Yang Na Baum - Koh Phangan, Thailand

January 16, 2019

The power of thought is not visible to all, like the seed from which a huge tree grows; However, it is also the origin of visible changes in the life of man. – Leo Tolstoy

In mid-January, we passed the oldest tree on Koh Phangan. We are a very highly sensitive family. Each of us quickly noticed that the tree was not doing well. Then when I touched the root, I felt a deep emptiness in the middle of the tree. In addition, the tree was standing on a water vein and was overflowing with numerous astral beings and emotion energies. Full of love & gratitude, Henrik and I de-polluted & energetically cleaned the tree.

Akropolis - Athen, Griechenland

August 15, 2018

Listen to your gut -
no matter how beautiful & interesting the place or person seems,if it doesn’t feel good, move on.

I was in Greece with my family & we visited Athens. There is no missing the visit to the Acropolis. However, when we got to the top, my gut was calling & screaming out. Even my son said to me that he wants to leave as he has a funny feeling. Luckily I intuitively protected us all energetically beforehand. Henrik & I quickly looked for a place to clear the Acropolis & cleanse it of the negative energies. The whole visit was over for us after about 30 minutes.

Kathedrale St. Anastasia - Zadar, Kroatien

August 23, 2017

In the summer of 2017, my husband and I were invited to Zadar, Croatia. As we strolled through the old town, we passed the Cathedral of St. Anastasia. On the forecourt, my gut instinct kicked in and I felt a great deal of sorrow & grief. 231 souls were stuck in this place, executed in this square. I was allowed to send all the souls into the light that day and cleanse the place of the elementals (thought waste). I am happy that these souls can continue their way.

The Stumbling Stone Project

After my friend’s birthday in February 2018, I came out of the pub and literally stumbled across the Stolpersteine in front of the house. These Stolpersteine were sunk into the sidewalk by the artist Gunter Demnig at the respective places of residence of the Jews in memory of the deported Jews in World War 2. When I dealt with the subject, images came to me immediately and I realized that all these souls could not go into the light due to their traumatic death and had to relive their death over and over again. Every earthbound soul needs help, because otherwise it is stuck in a kind of limbo & can not continue to live their soul plan.

This is where the Stolperstein project came from.

Earthbound souls are deceased, who for various reasons have not yet managed to go into the light. It can be that they don’t even know yet that they are dead, are very attached to certain people or objects (or even houses) and want to stay there, because maybe there is still something to clarify or to forgive. It is not automatically the case that every deceased person immediately goes into the light and is enlightened. The deceased go through a development in the afterlife, depending on the level of consciousness they reached during their lifetime. They go through different processes there, of letting go, forgiveness, etc.
When I found out how I was allowed to accompany all souls at once into the light, I ended the stumbling block project and am very happy that these souls can now continue their journey.

Arthur Rosenow, Jenny Bukofer & Isidor Bukofer

Erich Cohn, Mathilde Cohn & Herbert Cohn

Emil & Else Abrahamsohn

Heymann Saloschin

Selma Schäfer

Walter Schaefer, Paula & Rolf Schaefer

Jacob & Selma Kaufmann, Samuel Heim, Resi & Regina Heim, Gitel Brzezinski, Alexander & Moritz Eugen Simon

Gitel Brzezinski

Hans Jacobsohn

Danny Bernhard, Marie Aurelie Bernhard, Martin Bernhard & Bruno Pincus, Meta Pincus

Irmgard & Wolfgang Holzmann

Heinrich & Rosa Lange
Salo, Denny & Manfred Lange

Richard Assmann

Anni Schleswiger, Clara Leske

Walter Reissner

REDAXO 5 rocks!