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Do you or your child exhibit behavioral problems, or have been diagnosed with a perceptual disorder, ADD, ADHD or the like? We have been exposed to these stigmas ourselves as children & then also as parents. We would like to accompany you with our authentic expertise and encourage you that you and also your children are exactly right.

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REEssenz Basic - mental/kinesiological testing Kopie Kopie Kopie

You don’t feel comfortable in your environment? Maybe you have trouble sleeping, lack energy or are unfocused. During an energetic house clerning the causes of these disturbances are solved, so that you can feel comfortable there again.

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Spinal straightening

To solve back pain or any other kind of pain, it is necessary to take care of the causes and reasons. In my spiritual spinal upliftment, I look in advance for the spiritual causes of the discomfort.

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Mental-energetic company check

Everything we create and generate has a direct effect on the environment. Logo, flyers, offers, etc. can feel good and encourage people to engage more with the brand or its offers, or the exact opposite.

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