REEssenz Therapist

  • You feel it's time for a new direction towards your true power and strength?
  • You are ready to live your gifts and bring them out into the world?
  • You feel that there is much more than we are told, because you carry memories within you that you can't quite grasp yet, but you can feel very strongly?
  • You are motivated to make a difference together?

Then forget everything you think you know and everything you have learned. A completely new way of looking at the world awaits you. You will learn to feel deeper and you will learn to understand feeling. Our journey together will lead you directly into a new reality, back to your primal knowledge, your mediumistic abilities - to your essence. The training will change you, transform you and give you the space to grow into your true greatness and your unique potential.

We will accompany you deep into your inner worlds, to your medial strength, to the origin of your soul and that of your spiritual being. Together we will find out how you can best use your individual strength for yourself and your healing process. Most likely, through the intensive path we walk together, we will also find out which spiritual being you are.

After the training you will be able to support and accompany other people energetically. You will learn to penetrate to the causes of illnesses and issues, to dissolve the relevant blockages and to bring the body-mind-spirit system into healing. To do this, we teach you the most effective techniques and tools that have evolved from our own years of experience. Our insights are based on our primal knowledge, which we have retrieved piece by piece from within ourselves. None of what we pass on has been channeled.

As soon as you have completed the training, we will accept you as a member of our Lass-die-Sonne rein team to work on big issues together in the group. We would be happy if you also set out now, because what is needed now are courageous people who no longer keep their light hidden.


  • REEssenz Consultant


  • 3-5 persons
  • Duration approx. 50 hours
  • 25 appointments a 2 hours
  • Price per person in group: 13.000€
  • Price 1 to 1: 40.000€

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