What is REEssenz?

REEssenz is a holistic healing method that works on body, soul and spirit. It is based on the fundamental assumption that every being (essenz english essence) can remember its healed natural state and thus find back to its own power at any time (RE).
The person empowered to heal works spiritually-medially by communicating with the client's essence on a spiritual level. The higher levels of the client are thus guided to heal themselves and by their own power spiritually.

For this, the REEssenz therapist goes through an extensive body-soul-spirit study and has an expanded perception. As a rule, REEssence is performed by highly sensitive persons (HSP) who have found their way back to their essence.

The underlying human image is based on the chain of action mind-soul-body and resolves causes and traces of issues in the mind, soul and body. With an optimal body-soul-spirit connection, physical symptoms can consequently dissolve.

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