REEssenz Consultant

In this approx. 14-hour REEssenz Consultant Training, you will be taught what you need to help yourself and others be healthier, fitter and feel more joy in life. The training starts with you and your self-empowerment. You learn to recognize your own body's signals and know what they are telling you. We go into detail about the soul and spirit and how to communicate with them and with the Higher Self medially. What are soul parts and how can they be retrieved? What all belongs to the spirit and how is it connected? We start with the small 1×1 of foreign energies and learn about the dangers of esotericism & spirituality. You will learn what solutions there are for self-healing and how to expel toxins and poisons. In addition, we deal with the energetic effect of language and your personal name.


  • Alignment
  • Mental-medial testing
  • Decalcify, cleanse & activate the pineal gland
  • What is the energy field Do I have one? What does it do? How big is it?
  • Protect & Cleanse & Ground
  • Energy Connections: What are the connections? What do they do? Which ones do you good? How do you disconnect them?
  • Manifest your health and achieve your goals with practical exercises
  • Dissolve beliefs. Where do I sabotage myself or what stops me?
  • Process from symptom to energetic solution
  • self-empowerment
  • how does distance healing work
  • Preparing body, mind & soul
  • connection to the higher self, soul & spirit
  • medial communication with HS, soul & spirit
  • separation of old sexual connections
  • retrieval of split off soul parts
  • The use of language
  • The own name
  • Body memories, thought & memory memories
  • Approaches to self-healing
  • Draining of toxins
  • Dangers of esotericism, spirituality, Akashachronik, channeling
  • The small ABC of the foreign energies
  • Body language & signals / what the body says


  • Spiritual medial clarification


  • 5 persons
  • Duration approx. 14 hours
  • 7 dates a 2 hours
  • Price per person in the group: 4000€
  • Price 1 to 1: 12.000€

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