Energetic house/apartment clerning

You don't feel comfortable in your environment? Maybe you have trouble sleeping, lack energy or are unfocused at work. You have fears, your child avoids his room and always wants to sleep in the parents' bed. Or you feel there are other phenomena in the home like clanking or rattling? Or the house or property is hard to sell?

If one or more of the above mentioned points apply to you, then you can have an energetic house or apartment cleaning done by us. With our abilities we can perceive the causes of these disturbances and are able to dissolve them. So that you can feel comfortable again in your 4 walls.

For our work we need the address, photos of the house/apartment/room and a rough floor plan.

We clean:

  • Properties / houses / apartments
  • Businesses (wellness/spa oases etc.)
  • Places (lakes, forests, agricultural land, castles, monuments etc.)

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