REEssenz Basic - mental/kinesiological testing

Find answers to the big & small questions of life. Perceive yourself and know your strengths and talents. Know what belongs to you and what is good for you.

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REEssenz Consultant

In the REEssence Consultant Training you will be taught what you need to help yourself and others to be healthier, fitter and feel more joy in life.

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REEssenz Therapist

This journey will take you directly into a new reality, back to your primal knowledge and mediumistic abilities. The training will change and transform you so that you can live your true greatness and your unique potential.

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Remote Healing Training for therapist and more

Are you a natural healer, naturopath, therapist or coach and want to reach, treat and inspire people from anywhere in the world?
The ability to heal remotely offers you exactly this opportunity.

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REEssenz spine therapist

The approx. 40 hour REEssenz spine therapist training I have developed in for Ostheopaten, alternative practitioners & physiotherapists. This training can also be learned by anyone else and conveys the holistic healing knowledge according to the body, mind & soul principle.

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What is REEssenz?

The REEssence-method is a holistic healing practice that affects all levels of existence – body, spirit and soul. It is based on the assumption that every human being is capable of remembering his or her true state of health.

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