Energize water

Water is associated with almost all bodily functions and cannot be replaced by any other substance. Precisely because it is so essential for us, the quality plays an important role. Unfortunately, our drinking water has long since lost the quality that our organism needs to function optimally.

Energizing water is a very simple and highly effective solution to this problem.

In this course you will learn the tools you need to energetically prepare water of the highest quality without any tools.

Energizing water leads to an optimized absorption of nutrients, supports detoxification processes, leads to an improved efficiency of the metabolism and an increase in cell communication. In short, it has an incredibly positive effect on your health.

Take your understanding of water quality to a whole new level and and see for yourself the crystal clear purity that energetically prepared water delivers free to your door.


  • 5 - 8 people
  • 1 appointment
  • Duration 1,5h hours
  • Online course via Zoom
  • Price in group: 60€ per person
  • Price single: 300€ per person

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