Energy field - clearing and protection

We regularly clean our apartment, clean our physical body daily and wash our clothes. In doing so, we forget that our actual size and the "house we live in" is much more comprehensive. Our energy field is just as much a part of us as our physical body. And just as it is natural for us to clean our physical body and our living spaces, we should do the same with our energy field.

Why is this so important? We are constantly exposed to negative frequencies and energies and if we are not careful, they end up in our energy field.

If our vibration is in resonance with a foreign energy that is harmful to us, it has an easy time attaching itself to us. We often feel tired, weakened or experience physical symptoms.

In this course we teach you effective techniques by means of which you learn to cleanse and protect your own energy field in a very simple way.


  • What is an energy field
  • Which energies end up in my energy field
  • How do I clean my energy field
  • When is it necessary to cleanse my energy field?
  • How do I protect my energy field
  • How do I maintain the protection as long as possible


  • 5 - 8 people
  • 1 appointment
  • Duration 1,5h hours
  • Online course via Zoom
  • Price in group: 90€ per person
  • Price single: 450€ per person

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