REEssenz Spine therapist

The approx. 40 hour REEssenz spine therapist training I have developed in for Ostheopaths, alternative practitioners, physiotherapists & fitness coaches and health advisors. This training can also be learned by anyone else and teaches the holistic healing knowledge according to the body, mind & spirit principle.
Each of us has the possibility to lead a pain-free, upright healthy life. Our back is like a mirror of our inner truth. If there is something imbalanced or hidden and suppressed experiences, it is reflected in our back.
After this training you are empowered to accompany people into a pain free, healthy upright life.

I teach you holistic and ancient knowledge of spiritual healing from years of practice & counseling. The basics of spiritual & mental causes are my focus and that is what differentiates this certified training from all other forms of therapy. In addition, you will get techniques & exercises have been tested for their spiritual, mental and physical effectiveness.


  • REEssenz Basic Training – Energetic & Kinesiology Testing with Alignment.
  • The spine stores emotions & mental processes
    - Which vertebrae contains which emotional & spiritual information
    - Release of stored information & stimulate the client’s self-awareness
    - Recognize, understand & release mental blockages in muscles, fascia, tendons
    - Meriadian work
  • Basics of body, mind & soul
  • Understanding mental body language
  • Recognize warning signals for physical consequences (pain)
  • Understanding your own intuition
  • Process from symptom to energetic solution
  • How distance healing works
  • Procedure of remote healing
  • Different methods of remote healing
  • Approaches to self-healing
  • Draining toxins
  • Why is self-empowerment so important for healing
  • Basics of aura and chakra work
  • Recognizing & releasing objects & foreign information in aura and chakras
  • Preparing body, mind & spirit
  • The power of beliefs on our physical health
  • Recognize & dissolve beliefs
  • Decalcify, cleanse & activate the pineal gland
  • What is the energy field Do I have one? What does it do? How big is it?
  • Protect & Cleanse & Ground
  • Energy Connections: What are the connections? What do they do? Which ones do you good? How do you disconnect them?
  • Manifest your health and achieve your goals with practical exercises
  • Connection to the Higher Self, Soul & Spirit
  • medial communication with HS, soul & spirit
  • Retrieval of split off soul parts
  • body memories, thought & memory memories
  • dangers of esotericism, spirituality, akashachronic, channeling


  • Mental-medial clearing


  • Min. 2 persons
  • Duration approx. 40 hours
  • 20 dates a 2 hours
  • Online course via Zoom
  • Price per person in group: 9.000€
  • Price 1 to 1: 18.000€

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