Are you or your children highly sensitive, "too imaginative" and perceive things that others do not? Do you or your child show behavioral problems, or have you been diagnosed with a perceptual disorder, ADD, ADHD or similar? If you allow yourself to recognize that these parts of you want to be lived and that there are great strengths behind them, then you have come to the right place. During a consultation we give you the opportunity to see this gift of widened perception as a potential. So that you can find and use your inner strength.

We ourselves have been exposed to these stigmas as children & then as parents. We want to accompany you with our authentic expertise and encourage you that you and also your children are exactly right. Who perceives a lot is not wrong or sick, on the contrary it is a strength that wants to be lived. We are highly sensitive, sensitive, clairvoyant & clairsentient and have recognized our talents from these supposed weaknesses & live our potential.
Sonia has worked with behaviorally challenged children & their parents for 18 years. It is her heart's desire that her knowledge & expertise becomes a great support in your life.

  • Duration 30 minutes
  • Cost 45 €
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